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one time i was eating some chips and salsa with my mom and it was really spicy so i went “i feel like a dragon” because my mouth was fucking on fire and my mom just casually says “you only want to be a dragon so you can have that hiccup boy ride you”

it took her a few moments to realize her mistake


She knows you well

Best thing about this is I literally JUST finished rewatching HTTYD!

The Littlest Winchester (Part 1 of 5)


(Note: I’ve never done mpreg before but my friend has been having a hard time, so I’m doing it for her because she likes mpreg stories and friends do nice things for each other. There will be five parts to this story. Enjoy!)


Dean realized they weren’t…





hahaha it’s me :3

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we skip the light, run flaming through the night

(part 1/?)

It happens over the damnest things.

Like, they’re in a wallmart, and Dean is just pushing the cart back to where he left Cas to critically inspect the three dozen different kinds of cereal that probably all…





don’t ever compare ‘the giving tree’ by shel silverstein to castiel and the winchesters or you will cry this has been a psa


"You know me, always happy to bleed for the Winchesters."

Because I am a horrible person, read the poem and cry with me

what have you done

I do these things and I think I won’t cry this time but damn you

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where do we see jensen's bare foot...? ;)


ahaha I have like 5 asks about his foot right now bless you all :P


I don’t trust anything like this anymore because some people’s drawings are TOO good. What if this were a drawing? But he’s so gorgeous…it’s hard to tell

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Kind Of A Sucky Cheerleader


For Anja and Onja, because I feel this is somehow their fault, and because of cheerleader!jensen in this post

Jensen stood, hands on hips, observing the team run through their latest routine, wincing as Misha failed yet again in his latest attempt at a Herkie.  It really wasn’t a difficult move, yet somehow Misha couldn’t quite co-ordinate those long limbs into producing a passable jump.  And really, he had great legs – strong, long and lean – that Jensen spent far more time staring at than was normal, and which should have been perfect for cheerleading.  Yet somehow Misha managed to look like a clumsy gazelle taking its first few steps. 

He was startled out of his (strictly professional) assessment of Misha’s legs by an indignant squawk from one of the girls, and looked up to find Gen scowling at Misha after apparently receiving an errant shove to the ribs when Misha accidentally made a right L instead of a left one.

Misha looked mortified, sweeping Gen into a hug as he offered profuse apologies and elaborate ways of making it up to her.  She giggled, reaching up to muss Misha’s already wild hair, and Jensen tried not to think about how many times he’d wondered what it would be like to run his fingers through those wayward locks.

“Jensen, honey.  I know you like him, but really?  What on earth made you think it was a good idea to put Misha on the squad?”

Jensen looked down to find his vice-captain, Danneel, watching him with a soft smile on her lips.

“He’s fine,” Jensen protested, frowning as Danneel smirked at him in response.

“I know he’s fine,” she countered, winking, “And he looks damn hot in those shorts, but he’s also a terrible cheerleader.”

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i’ve seen other people do this so…


My mum won’t let me cut my hair short, despite it being what i want, because she thinks it’s weird that i want to “look like a boy” and think it ”isnt pretty for a girl”

Could you please reblog if you think this is wrong, and i should be allowed to cut my hair how i want.

If this reaches 500 notes, i will show it to my mum to convince her to let me cut it.

It Was A Tuesday That I Met Dean Winchester


It was a Tuesday that I met Dean Winchester. He was cocky, arrogant, so damn sure of himself that him sitting next to me in Physics, Honors Physics, that is, completely baffled me. I asked myself, what the hell is this kid doing in here? I figured originally that his schedule got messed up and he…

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